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Mabox Linux 21.08 – August ISO refresh

August ISO refresh is available for download. It contain all the updates as of 8/12/2021 and a bunch of small improvements and fixes.

Two small programs from LXDE added to default installation:
LXRandR – for screen resolution change (saves automatically)
LXinput – to configure mouse and keyboard

Command Palette menu super + F1 now can be customized.

Updated Mabox Control Center and Welcome Screen

Small fixes in some pipemenus

Only two virtual desktops by default – instead of four. Easy to add or delete by middle click on the desktop.

Download ISO images with LTS kernel 5.10 or 5.4 from:
Mabox repository
sourceforge mirrors

Whats new in Mabox Geralt
More about Mabox Linux Geralt release on blog post: What’s new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt.

Enjoy and stay safe.

Mabox Linux 20.02 Release Candidate

Work on the release of the new version of Mabox is now coming to an end, today we release the Release Candidate version. In relation to the beta released a week ago, we managed to eliminate many minor shortcomings and refine the Mabox Control Center, improve the functionality of side panels – based on jgmenu – and make improvements to other tools available in Mabox. The default themes supplied with the distribution are ready. We invite you to try Mabox – for example on a virtual machine.

Final release available
ISO image – only 64bit

MD5 sum: