Introduction to Mabox Linux Desktop

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Default Desktop

Main Menu super + space or just super key

You can access main menu by right click on desktop or by pressing super + (space) keys.

Main menu in Mabox 20.02 is based on jgmenu.

Jgemenu is also used in sidepanels, logout dialog and screenshot tool.

Side Panels

Mabox 20.02 have also two sidepanels for quick access.

Quick Navigation is left sidepanel – ctrl + super + Left – for quick access to any directory.

you can navigate to place you want, and open file manager or terminal in that location.

Left sidepanel will also show your GTK Bookmarks (bookmarks from filemanager – PCManFM)

If you use VirtualBox – there will be also list of virtual machines.

Just try it now, it’s very handy.

Right side panel is for quick access to various settings and help links.

Shortcut: ctrl + super + Right

You can customize main menu and both sidepanels from Mabox Control Center -> Menu.


Conky can be changed with the Conky Chooser script: Menu -> Settings -> Conky, and you can add your own to ~/.config/conky/

Multiple conkys can be run together and saved as a conky session, which is started at login.

Tint2 panel

Tint2 theme can be changed with the Tint2 Chooser script: Menu -> Settings -> Tint2 -> Tint2 Chooser
Alternative Tint2 configs are shipped with Mabox, and you can add your own to ~/.config/tint2/

More in blog post: Configuring the tint2 panel in Mabox


Nitrogen is used to set wallpaper.

Main Menu -> Settings -> Wallpaper.

Logout dialogsuper + x

To edit available options choose Configure options and comment out options you don’t need.
For example:

## Comment out with # if you want to hide same lines
Logout,openbox --exit,system-logout
#Suspend,systemctl suspend,system-suspend
#Hibernate,systemctl hibernate,system-hibernate
Reboot,systemctl reboot,system-reboot
Lock screen, betterlockscreen -l,system-lock-screen
Shutdown,systemctl poweroff,system-shutdown
#Configure options,geany $HOME/.config/mabox/exit.csv,geany

Screen Lock super + l

betterlockscreen is used as screen locker. To unlock just write your password and hit Enter.

Screenshot tool PrintScreen

Screenshot tool is based on jgmenu and scrot.

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