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Mabox Linux

fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop
rolling-release, Manjaro based
with Openbox Window Manager

Lightweight & Fast

Mabox uses Openbox WM and lightweight apps, which makes it minimal and fast.
It only takes ~300Mb of memory.

Fresh Software

Quick access to the latest packages available.


Mabox is built on top of Manjaro stable branch, powered by LTS kernel, featuring 100% complete and stable Openbox window manager.

Mabox Tools

A set of carefully hand-crafted utilities and scripts to provide streamlined Desktop experience


Developed with passion Mabox Linux is free and always will be


If you are enjoying Mabox, please consider donating to this project to keep it rolling

Latest news

  • Mabox Linux 21.10 – October ISO refresh
    Mabox Linux 21.10 refreshed iso images are ready for download. Built on the Manjaro stable branch as of 10 October 2021, it provides a bunch of improvements and fixes. mbxcolors is a new tool which may be usefull for artists, webdevelopers and programmers. CLI resource monitor Bpytop has been replaced by its successor … Read more
  • Mabox Linux 20.09 – September ISO refresh
    Mabox Linux 21.09 refreshed iso images are ready for download. Built on the stable Manjaro branch as of 5 September 2021, it provides some improvements: a slightly refreshed Mabox Control Center, a few improvements to Mabox Tools. The power manager from Xfce has been replaced by Mate Power Manager.
  • Mabox Linux 21.08 – August ISO refresh
    August ISO refresh is available for download. It contain all the updates as of 8/12/2021 and a bunch of small improvements and fixes. Changelog Two small programs from LXDE added to default installation: LXRandR – for screen resolution change (saves automatically) LXinput – to configure mouse and keyboard Command Palette menu super + … Read more