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Mabox Linux

fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop
rolling-release, Manjaro based
with Openbox Window Manager

Lightweight & Fast

Mabox uses Openbox WM and lightweight apps, which makes it minimal and fast.
It only takes ~300Mb of memory.

Fresh Software

Quick access to the latest packages available.


Mabox is built on top of Manjaro stable branch, powered by LTS kernel, featuring 100% complete and stable Openbox window manager.

Latest news

  • Mabox Linux 20.09 – September ISO refresh
    Mabox Linux 21.09 refreshed iso images are ready for download. Built on the stable Manjaro branch as of 5 September 2021, it provides some improvements: a slightly refreshed Mabox Control Center, a few improvements to Mabox Tools. The power manager from Xfce has been replaced by Mate Power Manager.
  • Mabox Linux 21.08 – August ISO refresh
    August ISO refresh is available for download. It contain all the updates as of 8/12/2021 and a bunch of small improvements and fixes. Changelog Two small programs from LXDE added to default installation: LXRandR – for screen resolution change (saves automatically) LXinput – to configure mouse and keyboard Command Palette menu super + … Read more
  • Mabox Linux 21.06 Geralt released
    I’m happy to publish new Mabox Linux 21.06 release Geralt. Two iso images with two kernel versions: linux510 – with the latest LTS kernel linux54 – a slightly older LTS kernel that may better support some older hardware