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Mabox Linux

fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop
relaxed” rolling-release, Manjaro based
with Openbox Window Manager

Lightweight & Fast

Mabox uses Openbox WM and lightweight apps, which makes it minimal and fast.
It only takes ~300Mb of memory.


Mabox is built on top of Manjaro stable branch, powered by LTS kernel, featuring 100% complete and stable Openbox window manager.

Fresh Software

Quick access to the latest packages available.

Mabox Tools

A set of carefully hand-crafted utilities and scripts to provide streamlined Desktop experience


If you are enjoying Mabox, please consider donating to this project to keep it rolling


Developed with passion Mabox Linux is free and always will be

Unique to Mabox

Sidepanels / Menus

Very configurable and hackable menus, dynamic menus and Sidepanels. Read more on developer blog

Quick Tiling

Manually tile windows very quickly and arrange them on the grid

Mabox Colorizer

Colorize your Mabox Desktop as you like …
or let Mabox to do it for you automatically from colors of currently set wallpaper!

Latest news

  • December 2023 ISO refresh with a brand-new LTS kernel
    The December 2023 release of refreshed ISO images brings the latest LTS 6.6 kernel. Of course, there is still an ISO available with the slightly older LTS 5.4 kernel version – which may be a good choice for some older hardware.
  • June ISO refresh – hot corners, tiling manager and more
    The 2023 June refreshed ISO brings the debut of several novelties developed for the next major release – Jaskier (planned for summer/autumn). Update 2023.06.04 The ISO images have been updated according to the latest update of the Manjaro stable branch as of 2023.06.04. Update 2023.06.08 Tint2 Cortile helper removed for now, some performance … Read more
  • 23.02 Istredd – February 2023 ISO refresh
    Hello, 2023 02 February ISO refresh is ready for download. Built from Manjaro stable branch as of 24.02.2023. Available with latest 6.1 LTS kernel – ISO with slightly older LTS kernel 5.4 is also available.