fast, lightweight and functional Linux Desktop

rolling-release,  Manjaro based

with Openbox Window Manager

Mabox Linux 18.12 released!

Download from sourceforge

Download Mabox Linux

MD5 sum: 8fe27786458e23437d724aad56034a78

Torrent download

Mabox Linux 18.12.1 x86_64 torrent

MD5 sum: 8fe27786458e23437d724aad56034a78

What is Mabox Linux?

Mabox Linux is Manjaro based distribution with lightweight window manager Openbox.

Light, fast, ready to use

Mabox Linux Is based on light and fast window manager OpenBox.
Preconfigured and ready to use.

How to start with Mabox Linux?

Read short user guide to get familiar with Mabox Linux.