Mabox 21.02 Foltest is here

I am pleased to announce a new release of Mabox Linux 21.02 Foltest.
Mabox is a distribution based on Manjaro, with a preconfigured lightweight Openbox window manager and several specially developed programs and tools. Works great even on weaker computers.
Mabox 21.02 Foltest is equipped with the latest 5.10 LTS kernel, of course you can easily install other kernels and decide which one to run at boot time.
The installer offers the option of choosing free or proprietary drivers – when booting, select the free or non-free option.
This release includes a number of fixes, new/updated packages and new features.

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Mabox Linux 20.02 Beta available for testing

The beta of the upcoming new Mabox Linux 20.02 release is now available. People who want to see what’s new, test and possibly help work on the final version by reporting bugs can download an beta ISO image.
Link: mabox-en-20.02-beta-x86_64.iso
md5sum: 4b86af267662b415b9ea8828a40da2dc

Release Candidate is now available, get it here.