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Terminal Emulator: Terminator

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Terminator is default terminal emulator in Mabox. Shortcut: super + t

Terminator is an advanced terminal emulator, which is a great proposition for people who often work in many terminals and do not use tiling window managers such as i3wm, awesome or dwm.

  • split terminals and arrange terminals on the grid
  • tabs
  • change of terminal arrangement (drag and drop and shortcuts)
  • many keyboard shortcuts
  • saving multiple layouts and profiles using the GUI preferences editor
  • simultaneous writing to any terminal groups (broadcasting)

Some keyboard shortcuts:

SHIFT + CTRL + O – split horizontally (this is o like horizontally, not zero)
SHIFT + CTRL + E – split vertically
ALT + arrows – move directly between terminals, similarly CTRL + SHIFT + TAB and CTRL + SHIFT + N or CTRL + SHIFT + P

CTRL + SHIFT + arrows – change the size of the terminal

CTRL + SHIFT + X – zoom active terminal (toggle)

Super + R / Super + SHIFT + R – change the mutual position of the panels (terminals) clockwise or counterclockwise
CTRL + SHIFT + W – close terminal
CTRL + + – increase font size (also ctrl + mouse wheel)
CTRL + - – decrease font size (also ctrl + mouse wheel)
CTRL + 0 – restore original font size

Quake-like terminal

Mabox have also a little wrapper around terminator, which works like drop-down quake-like terminal.
Keybind for it is CTRL + Grave (tilde).
By default its size is 75% width and 50% height, but you can change and save its size and position.

  1. Resize window: Alt + r then resize by mouse.
  2. Move to your prefered place: Alt + m then move by mouse
  3. from terminal run command:
    mabox-terminal save

Next time you start quake-like terminal it will have new size and position.
You can reset settings to default by command:

mabox-terminal reset

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