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File Manager: pcmanfm

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File Manager: pcmanfm

Default file manager in Mabox is PCmanFM.
You can run it by keyboard shortcut super + f.

We added some handy actions to context menu: Edit as root and Open folder as root.

Keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL + 1 – icon view
CTRL + 2 – compact view
CTRL + 3 – thumbnail view
CTRL + 4 – detail list view
CTRL + H – show hidden files
F3 – two panels mode

Network connections – ftp, ssh

PCManFM can handle network connections like SSH, FTP.

Just write URL in address bar, like:



You can add local bookmarks for directories in PCManFM (shortcut: Ctrl + d). Those bookmarks are automatically available in left sidepanel, so you can browse very fast inside directories.

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