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Danish website and user guides about Mabox

Our forum colleague Carl Anderson did a great job creating a Danish website and tutorials about Mabox.

There is a Danish website about Mabox Linux (link ) Here you will find a user guide (link ) There are also user guides for Pacman and Yay.

There are also videos in Danish (link Mabox Linux. – YouTube ) User guide and videos are not finished yet, but will constantly be expanded upon with new ones.

Der er nu en dansk hjemmeside om Mabox Linux (link Her finder du en brugervejledning (link ) Der er også brugervejledninger til Pacman og Yay.

Der er også videoer på dansk (link Mabox Linux. – YouTube )

Brugervejledning og videoer er ikke færdige endnu, men vil hele tiden blive udbygget med nyt.

Spanish manual translation – Manual en espanol

Ben_chile announced the availability of the Spanish version of the Mabox Manual:

Happy to announce a 77 manual pages in Spanish to support hispano Spanish speaker users of Mabox.
My bad for any misspellings but they will be corrected the soonest. Disculpas por las fe de erratas o de ortografia pero todas estas seran solucionadas lo mas pronto posible.

Check this picture to move into the language button and pick Spanish manual.
Saludos, Nick0bre.

Mabox Manual ES

Mabox Linux 21.10 – October ISO refresh

Mabox Linux 21.10 refreshed iso images are ready for download. Built on the Manjaro stable branch as of 10 October 2021, it provides a bunch of improvements and fixes.

  • mbxcolors is a new tool which may be usefull for artists, webdevelopers and programmers.
  • CLI resource monitor Bpytop has been replaced by its successor Btop (written in C++).
  • some new nice wallpapers made by community members included. Thanks to Markus and Aleksandar_tattoo.
  • improved Tint2 panel configs, colorized manpages and some small fixes in Mabox tools

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Mabox Linux 20.09 – September ISO refresh

Mabox Linux 21.09 refreshed iso images are ready for download. Built on the stable Manjaro branch as of 5 September 2021, it provides some improvements: a slightly refreshed Mabox Control Center, a few improvements to Mabox Tools.
The power manager from Xfce has been replaced by Mate Power Manager.

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Mabox Linux 21.08 – August ISO refresh

August ISO refresh is available for download. It contain all the updates as of 8/12/2021 and a bunch of small improvements and fixes.

Two small programs from LXDE added to default installation:
LXRandR – for screen resolution change (saves automatically)
LXinput – to configure mouse and keyboard

Command Palette menu super + F1 now can be customized.

Updated Mabox Control Center and Welcome Screen

Small fixes in some pipemenus

Only two virtual desktops by default – instead of four. Easy to add or delete by middle click on the desktop.

Download ISO images with LTS kernel 5.10 or 5.4 from:
Mabox repository
sourceforge mirrors

Whats new in Mabox Geralt
More about Mabox Linux Geralt release on blog post: What’s new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt.

Enjoy and stay safe.

Mabox Linux 21.06 Geralt released

I’m happy to publish new Mabox Linux 21.06 release Geralt.
Two iso images with two kernel versions:

  • linux510 – with the latest LTS kernel
  • linux54 – a slightly older LTS kernel that may better support some older hardware

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Mabox Linux 21.05 ISO refresh

Hello Maboxers,
Refreshed ISO images of Mabox Linux 21.05 are available.
The iso images contain all the updates from the Manjaro stable branch as of May 7, 2021 and some small fixes and improvements.

Whats new?

Among the few minor fixes and improvements there are two noteworthy.
Both are about window management.

DirectionalCycleWindows actions
In addition to the usual Alt + Tab, you can now quickly switch between windows with Ctrl + Shift + Arrows.
Focus moves in the direction of the arrows.
Useful especially if you work in many windows on your desktop.

Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse Button window snapping…
See …


Refreshed ISO images can be downloaded from:

ISO images are available with two kernel versions:

  • linux510 – with the latest LTS kernel
  • linux54 – a slightly older LTS kernel that may better support some older hardware

If you encounter any issues, please post them at the forum.

Enjoy and stay safe.