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Mabox Linux 20.02 Calanthe released

I am pleased to announce the official release of Mabox Linux 20.02 Calanthe.
Mabox is a distribution based on Manjaro, with a preconfigured lightweight Openbox window manager and several specially developed programs and tools. Works great even on weaker computers.
By default, Mabox is equipped with the latest 5.4 LTS kernel with extended support. As in Manjaro, we can easily install other kernels and decide which one to run at boot time.
The installer offers the option of choosing free or proprietary drivers – when booting, select the free or non-free option.

What’s new in Mabox 20.02?

Control Center
A rewritten Mabox Control Center, a program that brings together all available tools for configuring both the appearance and behavior of Mabox.

New menu, side panels
Based on jgmenu – new menu now allows searching – just start typing when the menu is active.

Side panels are a novelty – triggered by keyboard shortcuts or using the mouse – tests show that they can significantly increase comfort and speed of work. I encourage you to try.

The new features complement the screenshot tool and logout dialog, also based on jgmenu.

Of course, Mabox based on Manjaro also provides the latest packages available in it. It is worth to mention the graphic (and cli) package manager Pamac, which optionally offers access to AUR (Arch User Repository), as well as Snap packages.

Mabox 20.02 is only available in 64bit version.

Download: mabox-20.02-calanthe-x86_64.iso 1.6 GB

Sum MD5: 8f7b2b33e9cafb13ecc0ef4e29f21e86

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