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The project’s goals are:

  • provide lightweight, fast and ready to use Linux Desktop, which works nicely even on weaker computers.
  • being based on solid and stable foundations, enable quick access to the latest software versions.
  • allowing the user to quickly and easily adapt to their own requirements. Both for appearance and functionality.

Mabox creatively integrates best-in-class components like:

  • Openbox
    100% complete and stable Window Manager
  • tint2
    powerfull panel/taskbar
  • Jgmenu
    contemporary-looking X11 menu, designed for scripting, ricing and tweaking

Thank you to the people who made these great projects. Mabox wouldn’t be possible without your great work.

Mabox Linux is based on Manjaro stable branch, uses rock-solid LTS kernel by default, featuring a customized Openbox window manager preconfigured to be ready to use.

Inspired by CrunchBang, and uses some BunsenLabs utilities adapted for Mabox.

Mabox use jgmenu for main menu, side panels, exit dialog, screenshot/recording tool and many other small utilities/helpers.

Mabox Control Center

  • System and Hardware

Jgmenu based menu, sidepanels screenshot tool and logout dialog

jgmenu is a simple, independent, contemporary-looking X11 menu, designed for scripting, ricing and tweaking.

Theme Manager

Theme manager is great utility made by BunsenLabs, and adapted for Mabox Linux.
It allows you to easily save and restore your desktop configuration including:

  • gtk/openbox theme
  • desktop background
  • Conkies
  • Tint2 panel(s)