Mabox Linux is based on Manjaro, featuring customized Openbox window manager preconfigured to be ready to use.

Inspired by CrunchBang/Bunsenlabs*, and use some BunsenLabs utilities adapted for Manjaro.

Mabox Linux uses some of XFCE and LXDE components.

Tint2 is default panel.

Menu is generated by obmenu-generator.




* If you like Debian based distros, give it a try -> BunsenLabs

Mabox Control Center

Mabox Styler

Mabox Styler is an utility which let you configure desktop look and feel from one place.

Theme Manager

Theme manager is great utility made by BunsenLabs, and adapted for Mabox Linux.
It allows you to easily save and restore your desktop configuration including:

  • gtk/openbox theme
  • desktop background
  • Conkies
  • Tint2 panel(s)
  • dmenu configuration
  • LightDM Login theme