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Mabox Linux 21.08 – August ISO refresh

August ISO refresh is available for download. It contain all the updates as of 8/12/2021 and a bunch of small improvements and fixes.

Two small programs from LXDE added to default installation:
LXRandR – for screen resolution change (saves automatically)
LXinput – to configure mouse and keyboard

Command Palette menu super + F1 now can be customized.

Updated Mabox Control Center and Welcome Screen

Small fixes in some pipemenus

Only two virtual desktops by default – instead of four. Easy to add or delete by middle click on the desktop.

Download ISO images with LTS kernel 5.10 or 5.4 from:
Mabox repository
sourceforge mirrors

Whats new in Mabox Geralt
More about Mabox Linux Geralt release on blog post: What’s new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt.

Enjoy and stay safe.

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