Software Management

MaboxLinux is Manjaro based distribution, and uses Manjaro official repositories and small Mabox Linux packages repository.
Mabox Linux, like Manjaro is rolling-release, and that means that you have very fast access to the latest software versions.
Package manager is pacman.
And as GUI package manager: Pamac.
By default pamac-applet is running in system tray, so you will be be informed about any available updates.

Pamac GUI package manager

Pamac is a powerful tool for managing software through a graphical interface.
Pamac allows you to search packages (according to the groups, the state, the source repository), their installation and removal. Pamac applet is a program that resides in the system tray, announces the availability of updated packages and allows a convenient way to perform the update.

Using the pamac we can configure many aspects of the package manager, for example:

  • set the frequency of checking for updates
  • choose the fastest mirror and its location
  • set the number of versions of packages that will be stored in the disk cache (this allows to downgrade package in rare cases, when the update may cause problems)
  • enable AUR (Arch User Repository)