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yay helper

Yay (officially Yet Another Yogurt) is a very convenient AUR (Arch User Repository) helper written for Go.

It works fast and supports most of the same syntax that you already use in Pacman.

In Mabox Yay is already preinstalled

System Upgrade

To perform a package upgrade, simply enter:


This command will check for updates for packages from distribution repositories as well as packages installed from AUR.
If you type yay -Syu out of habit it will work exactly the same. Similar to yay -Syyu (here forcing to download databases with packages again).

Installing packages

As an argument we pass the name of the package we want to install. Here, for example, the gdu – pretty fast disk usage analyzer written in Go.

yay gdu # yay -S gdu will also work

Yay will search for available packages – both in the repositories and in AUR – it will list them and let us choose a package to install.

Removing packages

To remove a package as with pacman, use the -R option. For example:

yay -R gdu

Yay statistics

You can also use yay to show some interesting statistics about installed packages.

yay -Ps

For more info about yay use:

man yay