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23.02 Istredd – February 2023 ISO refresh

2023 02 February ISO refresh is ready for download. Built from Manjaro stable branch as of 24.02.2023.
Available with latest 6.1 LTS kernel – ISO with slightly older LTS kernel 5.4 is also available.

Currently available kernel series

  • LTS linux419 4.19.272
  • LTS linux54 5.4.231
  • LTS linux510 5.10.167
  • LTS linux515 5.15.94
  • LTS linux61 6.1.12
  • experimental linux62 6.2.0rc8
  • realtime linux515-rt 5.15.93_rt58
  • realtime linux60-rt 6.0.5_rt14

With the Manjaro Settings Manager – Kernels module, you can easily install other kernel series if you wish. You can have several kernel versions installed at the same time, and choose which one you want to use when booting.


As usual ISO images with LTS kernel 6.1 – or for older machines with kernel 5.4 LTS are downloadable from repo or sourceforge mirrors

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Enjoy 🙂

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