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Mabox Linux 21.06 Geralt released

I’m happy to publish new Mabox Linux 21.06 release Geralt.
Two iso images with two kernel versions:

  • linux510 – with the latest LTS kernel
  • linux54 – a slightly older LTS kernel that may better support some older hardware

Read blog post to see what’s new.

ISO images can be downloaded from:

If you encounter any issues, please post them at the forum.

Enjoy and stay safe.

8 thoughts on “Mabox Linux 21.06 Geralt released”

  1. Hey Dev, can you please make a torrent or partner with For some users like me, It can be a good favour to try out this cool distro. Or if there is a torrent or magnet already please link me to it.

    Sincerely MN

    • Hi,
      Are Sourceforge mirrors not working for you?
      I often rebuild the refreshed ISO images of Mabox (e.g. every month). I don’t see the point and don’t have time to create torrents every time – especially since they will only be the latest for a few weeks.

      • Its just like sometimes the mirrors go down, or maybe its coz my internet is not that stable. Anyway thanks for the reply

  2. mabox-linux-21.07-Geralt-210715-linux510.iso cannot be installed in Virtualbox. After the boot messages there is only an underline.
    md5sum is ok


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