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23.01 Istredd – January 2023 ISO refresh

2023 01 January ISO refresh is ready for download. Built from Manjaro stable branch as of 26.01.23.
Available with latest LTS kernel – 5.15 or slightly older one 5.4 LTS.

The release includes several improvements, notable of which are: a modern config for Picom and a quick menu for configuring Tint2 panels.

Quick configure menu for Tint2

This menu allows you to quickly set many important panel options, including:

  • position
  • width and height
  • auto-hide
  • actions for mouse events
  • the appearance of taskbar buttons
  • and a lot more

The menu for Tint2 is available by right-click on the Menu/Mabox/M icon or by pressing super + alt + p.

Modern config for Picom (compositor)

The modern config for Picom includes settings such as:

  • rounded corners
  • background blur effect

It is not enabled by default, you can easily test it thanks to a special menu in Mabox that allows you to quickly switch between different Picom configurations.
Settings Menu super + s -> Compositor


As usual ISO images with LTS kernel 5.15 – or for older machines with kernel 5.4 LTS are downloadable from repo or sourceforge mirrors

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Enjoy 🙂

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