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Mabox Linux 17.02 is here!

After few months of development I’m happy to anounnce first version of Mabox Linux 17.02.
Mabox Linux is Manjaro based distribution with lightweight and fast window manager Openbox.
Inspired by CrunchBang/Bunsenlabs it comes with preconfigured, ready to use Openbox desktop with some XFCE and LXDE components.


Download links:
32 bit version

Download 32 bit

64 bit version

Download 32 bit

If you prefer to download using bittorrent you can get links from:

Manjaro Community Torrents

MD5 sums:

32 bit: ef33b2277e138bafa8638b77ced1aa8b

64 bit: b313150a5f634092f33b6270fe07b3c4

9 thoughts on “Mabox Linux 17.02 is here!”

  1. Tried the latest 64bit version but stuck in endless loop at boot. When the mouse pointer appears, the display immediately goes blank to a blinking cursor and the cycle repeats,


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