Created new torrents with http sources to help speed up downloading

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Mabox Linux Forums Support Basic Help & Support Created new torrents with http sources to help speed up downloading

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    That’s for the i686 version above

    and the one below is for the x86_64 version

    No thanks needed. the torrents and isos were uploaded to google drive. Original trackers used. http sourcing added by using qbittorrent to create new bittorrent files.

    Please use and share or just use the idea and create your own.

    You’re welcome!

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    Also, how do i edit my post. i have awful spelling errors



    Hi LizziAS, welcome to forum 🙂
    Post editing was set only for 5 minuts – that was default setting. I’ve changed that so editing posts should be possible now.
    About torrents… I don’t know how to add http sources. Maybe only torrent creator can do this?
    Anyway I will try to provide more seeds.



    It’s ok. I made them for you using Qbitorrent . Easy to do and then you can add trackers and sources as you wish. I’m glad to help in that regard.



    Also, feel free to use the ones provided. I like what you are doing here so I’m willing to pitch in .



    I added them. Thanks



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