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    Mike Stroud

    I have an ancient Acer Aspire 3002LC laptop that I’ve been trying light versions of Linux on. I’ve had success with distros such as Antix, Slitaz, etc., and thought I’d give Maboxlinix a try.

    The issue is that, even though I can see the splash screen, and the startup screen (“maboxlinux” with a scrolling green line) and can try out nomodeset, noaspi,etc, I end up booting into a black screen.

    I can get into the cli via CTRL+ALT+F2, and see the following:

    VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adaptor

    I’m obviously running off a usb stick as I can’t get far enough to get to the installer.

    Help would be appreciated… thanks!


    Mike Stroud

    I’ve tried video=vesa as a boot option and get the worst screen tearing I’ve ever seen. But at least I can get in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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